Coming Spring 2020!


Another Wrongful Conviction Mystery

by Janet Heijens

​​After ten years on death row for murdering a Jane Doe, Logan Murphy is nearing the end of the line. Logan’s last hope rests with Cate Stokes, a retired lawyer who reluctantly agrees to take his case. Cate’s relentless pursuit of the truth leads her to the discovery of a human trafficking ring in South Florida and the chilling realization that  

Wrongful Conviction

by Janet Heijens

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The debut novel by Janet Heijens, author of Snook Wallow.

Leland Booker is serving a life sentence for killing his wife and daughters. All hope for justice is lost until Adam Bennett, a young law student takes on the case. Adam determines that his only chance for success  

Snook Wallow

by Janet Heijens

A  Wrongful Conviction Mystery​​