Books by Janet Heijens

Wrongful Conviction

Snook Wallow
A  Wrongful Conviction Mystery​​

by Janet Heijens


Another Wrongful Conviction Mystery

by Janet Heijens

After ten years on death row for murdering a Jane Doe, Logan Murphy is nearing the end of the line. Logan’s last hope rests with Cate Stokes, a retired lawyer who reluctantly agrees to take his case. Cate’s relentless pursuit of the truth leads her to the discovery of a human trafficking ring in South Florida and the chilling realization that Jane Doe was not their only victim.

 The first in a new series, SNOOK WALLOW weaves together the stories of two illegal immigrants and the men convicted of killing them. Crime fiction doesn’t get much better than this.​

COMING Spring 2020!

The debut novel by Janet Heijens, author of Snook Wallow.

Leland Booker is serving a life sentence for killing his wife and daughters. All hope for justice is lost until Adam Bennett, a young law student takes on the case. Adam determines that his only chance for success is to prove Leland has been wrongfully convicted.

When Jean Jankowski, a friend of the family, hears the case is reopened, the past rushes back. She tells Adam the story of events leading up to the murders, and in the process raises unanswered questions as to what really happened all those years ago.

With a myriad of twists and turns, Wrongful Conviction explores the world of a justice system gone wrong.